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Hey Jackalope’s Den fans! We’ve got a treat in store for you in the coming days. One of our very own Jackalopes is using his down town (honestly, it wasn’t COVID!) to develop a video game. We’ll post more information soon, including a quick clip of the gameplay.


The History and Mythology Of The Jackalope

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In case you live in Wyoming, then the jackalope isn’t something new to you. However, you may not be really aware of its history and mythology. 

The History of The Jackalope

Two brothers, Douglas and Ralph Herrick were just two regular young men who liked to spend time with their family as well as hunting in the woods together. Born and raised in Wyoming, the two brothers had taken a taxidermy class through a mail order service and they really enjoyed it.

So, one day, when they were running late to dinner with family after a hunting day, they had the idea of the jackalope.

According to the story that is told up to these days, as soon as they returned home, they simply tossed a jackrabbit carcass up against the wall of their taxidermy shop. After all, they were hungry after a long day of hunting.

When they got to the store the next morning, they saw that the body of the animal has slid below a pair of deer antlers. So, when Douglas saw that, he got the idea of the jackalope.

After fashioning the deer antlers onto the jackrabbit carcass, the brothers were able to create the first jackalope which they later sold to a local hotel owner – Roy Ball. If you search for his name, it is natural that you see that he was the first one credited with trapping and discovering the first jackalope in 1829.

By displaying the jackalope head in the lobby of his LaBonte Hotel in Douglas, Wyoming, he started getting a lot more guests and it even became a focus for the tourism industry. 

The Mythology of The Jackalope

When Douglas and Ralph started creating new jackalopes for other businesses, they knew they had to come up with an interesting story. After all, no one had ever seen such a creature.

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So, to ensure the story was credible, they produced a 16th-century painting of a horned rabbit as well as they also referred to the fact that Buddha had mentioned a horned rabbit. As you can imagine, this didn’t really happen. What happened was that the painting was actually a representation of a rabbit that suffered from tumors and that Buddha referred to the horned rabbits just to ensure he didn’t believe these creatures existed.

The Legend Kept Spreading

As you can imagine, with all these stories, the legend of the jackalope kept growing which continually brought more and more tourists to Wyoming. 

While we know the jackalope was a creation of the Herrick brothers, the reality is that no one knows for sure if it wasn’t Roy Ball, the hotel owner who bought the first jackalope to the two brothers, who came up with myth part. After all, he had to come up with something to answer to his guests. 

Jackalopes Continue To Be Used Until Today

There’s no question that the jackalope is an iconic creature that has already attracted a lot of attention. So, it is natural that it is frequently used in books, television shows, movies, among other media. In fact, a puppet version of a jackalope was a recurring character on the show America’s Funniest People hosted by Dave Coulier. But this wasn’t the only case. We can also see the jackalope being used as a logo or name, including one featuring R. Carlos Nakai, the famous Native American flute player. 

In 2003, for example, Pixar featured a jackalope in the short animation Boundin. The jackalope gave helpful advice to a lamb who was feeling sad after being shorn. But they also made an appearance in video games such as Red Dead Redemption, Redneck Rampage, and even Guild Wars 2.

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CS:GO Games

CS:GO – An Analysis

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Whether you’re into video games or not, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the one game every boy (and many girls) has played once or more. It’s one of the most popular multiplayer esports games with a cult following.

Two major championships are held every year with several other CS:GO competitions happening throughout the year. The last few months have seen a wild growth in this beloved FPS video game’s popularity charts.

Here, we’ll talk about its popularity and the features & reasons behind its success in professional video gaming.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive — Introduction & Gameplay

CS:GO is a team game launched in 2012. After 8 years, it’s one of the most popular FPS video games with an enormous esports scene gathering multi-million active players.

CS:GO is a round of different sides, the Terrorists (Ts) and the Counter-Terrorists (CTs).

The game has several modes, including Wingman, Hostage Situation, Deathmatch, Weapons Expert, etc. However, Bomb Defusal remains the most popular mode.

For each round a player plays, he gets one life. Both teams play within a designated time to kill all five players on the opposing team.

The Terrorists goal is to plant a bomb on a site, guard the bomb, and explode it. The Counter-Terrorists team will protect the sites against the T’s until the clock is ticking. In case the T’s succeed in planting the bomb at one of the sites, the CT’s will kill the T’s guarding the site and defuse the bomb.

In a CS:GO competition, both teams play for 30 rounds.

CS:GO Explained

The Worldwide Popularity Of CS:GO

Despite being an 8 years old game, CS:GO is one of the most popular games with more than 20 million monthly active players. It reached its record high reach during the worldwide spread of Covid-19. With billions of people legally required to stay at home, video game lovers turned to CS:GO for entertainment.

The earlier years of CS:GO were rough as the game lacked in major departments. But this rough patch was short-lived as the Valve released big-time updates and fixed all the bugs. The game started to be picked up by game event organizers and became a heavy-prized game. Because of humongous prizes being put on CS:GO, more players are inclined towards it. With every passing day, the game increased in its popularity and cemented its place in all major tournaments.

How It Has Led To Success In Professional Gaming

Over the years, CS:GO has grown its popularity, and several factors have played their parts in its success. Let’s look into those factors.

Ease Of Play & Practice

One of the factors that make CS:GO appealing to new players is its ease of play & practice. Watching other players play the game, new players pick interest quickly and feel tempted to play it. Its popularity cuts worldwide because it’s accessible on a wide variety of computer systems.

The Billion-Dollar Skin Industry

Among many factors, the billion-dollar skin industry of CS:GO is the biggest factor that increased its popularity. The introduction of weapon skins introduced a new sensation and gave players a new reason — compelling them to play. The Valve kept releasing new skins, and players became more inclined towards the game. Even though in 2016, a major scandal around skins was unearthed, the popularity of CS:GO kept increasing.

The recent release of the Operation Shattered Web that was released in November 2019 brought a new thrill to the game, and players responded to it with open arms. It had various new stuff, including new skins and pearlescent finishes, which caused a huge bump in the players’ base of CS:GO.

CS:GO Competitions

After the initial rough patch of CS:GO, it improves a lot in all aspects. The improvements in the game gave Counter-Strike franchise lovers a reason to play this game regularly. The improvements certainly paid-off well. Eventually, game tournament organizers realized its ever-increasing popularity among esports players, and they started organizing CS:GO competitions.

CS:GO teams worldwide participate in CS:GO competitions, and games’ intensity is a sight to remember. CS:GO Major Championships are arranged each year in November. CS:GO Majors and other competitive events offer hefty prizes to winners, making them very exciting and appealing to players.

Pro kills

Being Alert, Sharp, And Involved In The Game

CS:GO is a team-based game, and it requires the players to be alert, sharp and involved. It demands great communication from the players. If a player is not attentive, the enemy is always quick to jump on the opportunity.

When playing CS:GO, expect a lot of fast-paced action to occur, which requires extreme vigilance and brilliance from players seeking top-spots. No round lacks fun and excitement.

Short Rounds & Fast-Paced Action

Its popularity has increased over the years because of its fast-paced action and short rounds. The short rounds let you think quickly and strategize your gameplay.

You can practice your game in scrims, which lets you understand the game and improve your gameplay strategy. You’ll be able to play it safe.

The Recent Pandemic

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, players leaned towards video gaming living under the lockdown. And CS:GO was one of the games players showed interest in more than other videogames. The Shattered Web played a huge role in increasing the player count. Within a few months, the game went on to break one record after another.

As the lockdown conditions eased throughout the world and people rejoining the work, the popularity of CS:GO also took a hit.

The Variety Of Weapons

Ask any FPS games lover to mention one thing he/she likes the most in CS:GO, and you’ll get to hear “the variety of weapons.” The CS:GO weapon repository is exciting and extensive. It’s full of knives, rifles, pistols, and ammunition. The unique and extensive collection of weapons is thrilling for players, and they love studying them and perfecting their hands on them. In addition, the weapon skins in CS:GO makes the game even more appealing.

Strong game tactics

CS:GO is all about strong game tactics. Without having strong skills and gameplay tactics, one can’t become proficient in CS:GO. That’s what players like a lot about it as it demands a high level of skills to beat the best players. The last man standing is always the one with the best skills in the team.

While in a competitive mode, every move in CS:GO needs to be calculated and executed timely. Such a level of skill requirements is what makes it popular among professional gamers.

The Future Of Counter Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO is continuously receiving updates from the Valve and becoming better than ever. The development team has recently released a more sophisticated anti-cheat system, which will foster an even fair gameplay environment.

Even after completing 8 years, the game has only increased in its popularity. If you want to experience what makes it a popular game, then all you have to do is play the game and experience the thrill yourself.